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Social Media - Cyber Crime Safety

Publish Date: 02 Sept 2018 | Author: Ummed Meel (Cyber Expert)

Today every age group moving towards social media platforms to connect with people in virtual world. Only few of them are aware about secure use of social media websites, rest people started using social media just because of social status. Social media technology is developed to connect with more people and share information very fast. Some people with criminal mind setup can cheat you or misuse other's digital property using these platforms

These platforms are making our life so easy and fast to share news or connect with people but apart from that a small mistake of critical information shared carelessly by user could makes him a cyber-victim

Most common targeted social media platforms:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. LinkedIn

5. YouTube

email frauds & crime awareness tips by cyber expert ummed meel

Cyber Crime related to Social Media:

Fake Profile: Criminal can create fake profile with your name and photo to upload morphed photographs and offensive messages

Unknown Friend: Criminal can pretend himself as your relative and can connect with you on social media. After fake friendship he can try to connect emotionally with you and can ask for fund transfer for some pretext as problem at airport, problem in foreign country, medical emergency, legal issues etc.

Hacking: Criminal can hack your social media account and send offensive message to your friends

Illegal Activities: Criminal either can directly sale banned commodity like as drugs, weapons, body organs etc. or can force you to buy or sell after blackmailing

Cyber Bullying: Sometimes criminal start sending threatening messages to victim via social media

Cyber Stalking: Criminal can follow you on social media and can track your all public activities on social media like as your trips, habits, morning walk time, family members etc.

Preventive Measures for Social Media:

Friendship Request: Never accept friendship request from unknown person

Credentials: Do not share your social media credentials with friends and family member

Links: Never visit on suspicious links and login your account

Logout: Make an habit to logout your account after each session

Post: Use restrictions on your post that who can see your post (e.g.: Friends only, Friends of Friend and public etc.)

Search: Block your profile for public searcher

Profile Photo: Use security lock on profile photo so that nobody can download it locally

Status: Think twice before posting anything on social media. Always make sure that your post does not contain your personal or banking information

Identity: Keep hide your mobile no, DOB and email on your profile otherwise attacker/hacker may cause cyber fraud or crime with you

email frauds & crime awareness tips by cyber expert ummed meele

Social Media Crime Reporting:

1. Take the screenshot of culprit profile with URL

2. Keep the exact date and time of incident along with you

3. Never entertain such a bad people

4. Block and Report the criminal account to the service provider

5. Go to nearest police station and share full story with police personals

6. Police will take action against the culprit under section 66 and 67 of IT Act 2000

email frauds & crime awareness tips by cyber expert ummed meel